Military Rape Crisis Center offers support group in Phoenix, AZ

The Military Rape Crisis Center is going to start offering a women support groups for survivors of Military Sexual Trauma in Phoenix, AZ. The first group meets on April 27th in downtown Phoenix.

All female Veterans, Active Duty, Reserves and Guard members are  welcomed to sign up and join us. We have just a couple of spots left so sign up today!

The group is free to attend but you must sign up. If interested please call Carina at 602-910-5822 or Panayiota at 802-578-4769 or email us at at
Support groups are also available in Cambridge and Springfield, MA and New London, CT.

One reply on “Military Rape Crisis Center offers support group in Phoenix, AZ”

The women of this country will get this done the right way…a march on Washington and the Pentegon is in the works….keep writing to the congresswomen involved cuz I heard today nothing much is going to be done about this in Washington…More women need to run for office….I would vote for them on this issue alone!!!

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