House Gives Whistle-Blower Protection to Military Sexual Assault Victims

WASHINGTON (AP) – The House has approved a bill extending whistle-blower protection to members of the military who are victims of sexual assault.

The vote Thursday was 423-0 for the measure sponsored by Republican Rep. Jackie Walorski of Indiana. The bill would require the inspector general to investigate allegations of retaliation against a service member who reports a rape or sexual assault. 

5 replies on “House Gives Whistle-Blower Protection to Military Sexual Assault Victims”

Kim bi ya, me Lord, Kum bi ya; Oh Lord, Kum bi ya!!! Just what we need—yet another Unenforceabe Feel Good regulation that costs little and does nothing!!! Speaking of worthless Unenforceabe regulations, why don’t you include MG Pattons update to the SARS military rape . I taught SARS and called the FBI when my command coveted up the rapes of Camp Parks and NONE of the alleged whistleblower protections helped me. You want to stop rape in the military, you need to rewrite the UCMJ as SEN Gillibrand is proposing!!!

Wrong, Wrong, WRONG!!! So the IG will be tasked to investigate all allegations of retaliation?!!! Well, Gee—why not file the retaliation complaint with the Easter Bunny?!! That way you’ll be sure to get a response!!! The IG Office is only an advisory office to the commander—you know, the one ordering the retaliation?!!! When I went to the FBI as to the gang rapes of those prisoners, I repeatedly went to the IG and the did nothing but blame their predecessors for doing nothing!!! The solution is to report the retaliation to a DOJ special Prosecutor

Someone, ANYONE, ask me why I am rolling my eyes, balling my hands into a fist and jerking them back & forth in a 45 degree motion? Anyone, Anyone at all?!!! It is bad enough that the Military Whistle-blower’s Act is completely useless and unenforceable—now Dems & Reptiles have joined hands to EXTEND an otherwise pointless and unenforceable “Protection”..

You want to hear more stupidity? By the WILL OF CONGRESS, the EASTER BUNNY (also known as the IG) is m-a-n-d-a-t-e-d to investigate all instances of retaliation against a service member who reports retaliation for reporting rape/sexual harassment.

Does anyone have a C-L-U-E as to the FUNCTIONALITY OF THE EASTER BUNNY (IG) is?!!! The EASTER BUNNY (IG) is the lapdog of the Commander. The EASTER BUNNY (IG) has no police power, no power to compel cooperation or to subpoena witnesses. All it can do is IDENTIFY DISGRUNTLED SOLDIERS and ‘ID’ the traitor to the Commander. So if your Commander has a ZERO TOLERANCE FOR RAPE IN HIS/HER Command (translation: They don’t want to hear about it) and you File a complaint with the EASTER BUNNY (IG) that you were retaliated against for reporting rape—you will now have the full attention of a REVENGE SEEKING COMMANDER!!!! Thank you, House Member Walorski for destroying our career else getting me/you/us killed!!!

By now, you have heard my sob story. As BN EOO and Rear DET CDR, I was appalled when five of my AGR Soldiers were gangbanging and sodomizing Federal Prisoners on my desktop where I conducted maintenance audits. I taught the Army’s SARS protocols, I taught the Army Fraternization Policy, I taught the Army Sexual Harrassment Policy, I taught UCMJ, I taught Military Whistleblower’s Protection Act. When Command REFUSED to notice the base provost marshall as to the rapes of federal prisioners and when the base provost marshall blew off my calls, I went straight to the RRC CDR to brief him. Two weeks later, he retired with full honours while tossing out my three ARTICLE 138s. I went to Army CID (Sacramento) and informed them of the rapes. Wanna know what the three agents told me? “If the prisoners are not struggling, its consentual (sex) and if it is consentual, it is none of the Army’s business!!! I screamed PRISONERS CAN NEVER GIVE CONSENT, hence sex with them constitutes RAPE!!! THAT caused me to go to the FBI (Oakland) and notice them of the rapes as the base Provost Marshall was suppose to do. According to the utterly unenforceable SARS Protocols, UCMJ and the Military Whistleblower’s Protection Act, my PROTECTED COMMUNICATION with the FBI protected me from retaliation—WANNA BET?!!!

ALL THIS TOUCHY-FEELIE stuff is not only worthless—it is dangerous for the soldier/sailour/airman or marine stupid enough to believe in these nonsense BS. You want change, you must re-write the UCMJ (1950) as being lobbied by SEN Gillibrand (D) NY.

Somebody, anybody, ask me why I am rolling my eyes and pumping my fist sideways, up and down? House Member Walorski’s bill is not only STUPID AND MEANINGLESS but D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S for the fool naive enough to invoke it.

First, what is the roll of the ‘Easter Bunny’ (IG)? The ‘Easter Bunny’ (IG) has no ability to investigate ANYTHING—it has no authority to question witnesses, it has no authority to conduct searches or request ANYTHING. It’s sole purpose, since 1775, is to give ‘oral pleasures’ (make problems go away) for the Commander and Commander O-N-L-Y!!!

I just left the following question to HON Walorski (R) IN: “What happens if a soldier invokes his right of Military Whistleblower Protection because he was retaliated against for engaging in ‘Protected Communication with the FBI”. ANSWER: NOTHING!!! The ‘Easter Bunny’ (IG) will simply pass onto the Commander that he/she has a disgruntled soldier on his/her hands and you will now have the FULL ATTENTION OF THE COMMANDER—if you thought you were RETALIATED AGAINST FOR REPORTING RAPE, watch what will happen to you NOW that the Commander is on your as*!!! She will never respond to me but if she did, I can hear her whining: “You can file a Military Whistleblower’s Protection Act, you can file an ARTICLE 138 complaint, you can go to your worthless Congressman and Senator and…and…and…what? Get further retaliated against. The Army will simply stonewall you until your MRD hits and then suggest you sue it for violation of your civil rights (Good luck to that under the FERES DOCTRINE).

ANYTIME Congress votes ANYTHING 432-0 you can rest assured that: a.) The bill is a meaningless stunt that is of no fiscal or political consequence and /or b.) Some contractor is giving free PAC monies to the whore of a Congressman who is brave enough to stick out his/her hand to pocket it, hence the bi-partisan vote to pay themselves off.

Help to change the culture that allows predators go unpunished. Please sign our petition by going to under – “U.S. Congress: Demand justice for Military Sexual Trauma Victims. Support S.967”

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