I Hope They Serve Beer…

by Melissa Obrien

Update: October 12, 2009


A representantive from  Navy Morale, Welfare and Recreation has informed us that it has canceled all showings of “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” from their theaters.

September 29, 2009

“The Military Rape Crisis Center is extremely disappointed to learn that the film, “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell,” is on the list to be shown at United States units and bases worldwide.  We are concerned that this film by Tucker Max shows misogynistic material in which coercing intoxicated women into having sex is bragged about.  However the acts he describes meet the legal definition of rape. In his blog, he describes spending two weeks coercing a woman into participating in a sexual act she repeatedly said she did not want to do, buying two $110 bottles of wine at dinner, and having a friend hide in the closet videotape the encounter without her knowledge or consent. His website provides tips and advice on how to “close the deal,” and he brags about the hundreds of women with whom he’s had sex. While not all of his behaviors are illegal, they are disrespectful and harmful. The stories he tells glorify his behavior and promote a culture that ignores the reality of sexual violence.

Here are four reasons why you should NOT see this movie:

1) Tucker Max is spreading casual misogyny against women. The film depicts women as angry and hateful prostitutes. Their sole purpose within the film is to be used as moving targets for Tucker’s insults and sexual assaults. In New York City, one of the movie ads said “Strippers will not tolerate disrespect HAHA Just Kidding.” It was quickly defaced by angry passers-by.

2) Tucker Max promotes violence against disabled people. The Chicago Transit Authority just banned 300 of Tucker’s ads that say “Deaf girls never hear you coming.” His response to thousands of angry complaints from disabled rights groups, reporters, parents: “Blow me”

3) Tucker Max discriminates against minorities. Tucker’s ad campaign for this film has made fun of Mexican-Americans and migrant workers, and the trailer makes a joke about Magic Johnson being black and having AIDS.

4) Tucker Max upholds hurtful societal norms about attractiveness. In Tucker’s world, no one who is “too fat” or “too thin” or “too ugly” according to his standards is worthy of any respect. His famous line: “Fat girls are not real people”

Rape is the most common violent crime on military bases today. The Department of Veterans Affairs statistics indicate that one in every three service women will be raped or will experience attempted raped during their military service. Many more will experience sexual harassment, assault, and be objectified and disrespected.

Protect your comrades and use your voice to send the message that we do not tolerate these types of behaviors.

Here are things you can do:

  1. If you know people that want to see this film, encourage them not to go. Talk to them about why Tucker Max is not funny and not a role model.
  2. Contact the Morale, Recreational command at your unit and request that this film does not get shown.
  3. Speak up – help your friends understand that these types of messages even when conveyed through jokes and humor are damaging in their consequences and are NOT funny.
  4. Request a presentation from MRCC or a local Rape Crisis Center.
  5. Watch out for your friends-if you see someone who looks like they are in trouble, ask if they are okay. If you see a friend doing something disrespectful, say something or do something and of course, make sure any sexual act you initiate is OK with your partner. Coercion does not equal consent.
  6. Believe a friend who discloses a sexual assault, abusive relationship, or experience with stalking or harassment. Offer choices for resources and support.

For more information go to:

(Resource: Virgina Tech Women’s Center)

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