Rape in the Ranks: The Enemy Within-a documentary film about rape in the United States military.

Banned in the US for distribution but it was selected for the New York Independent Film Festival and will be shown Monday evening, October 26 at 5:45pm at the City Cinema East, 181 2d Ave, NYC. Following the showing of “Rape in the Ranks”, there will be a panel to discuss rape in the US military at the Telephone Bar and Grill, 149 2nd Ave (212-529-5000).

Here is the synopsis:

Raped by their comrades, Tina, Jessica, Suzanne and Stephanie have been ignored by U.S. military officials in seeking justice. Though the Pentagon acknowledged receiving 3,000 reports of sexual assault in 2006 alone, and had launched a rape prevention program in 2004, the number of reported sexual assaults has since skyrocketed, but not the number of convictions. Only 2% of accused rapists are ever brought before a courts martial. Very few women have been willing to speak out, with the exception of these four brave women. Unable to stand the nightmarish daily rapes by her commander in Iraq, 21 year old Suzanne refused to report back for mission and was brought before a courts martial. 25 year old Jessica was raped in the U.S. and Korea, yet still dreams of going back to active service and seeing her attackers brought to justice. Stephanie has come to regret never reporting her own rape and perpetuating the law of silence. 20 year old Tina, who was raped in Iraq, is no longer around to recount her nightmare. She supposedly “killed herself.” Her mother claims she was murdered. This report tells the story of their pain, revolt, and uphill battle for justice.

For more information

read the DOD response to the film

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