Veterans Day

“While on duty I wore the uniform of the United States Army risking my life for my country and my fellow soldiers. Off duty I was carrying my weapon to protect myself from the same men that I was willing to take a bullet for. While serving in Iraq I was raped three times by my NCO. It makes you wonder who the enemy really is.”

–SPC. Ashley D. Age 21 US Army veteran

On this Veterans’  Day do not forget the many veterans that have suffered in silence and alone. Sometimes the biggest battles are with those with whom you will risk all that you have to protect.

What can you do on Veterans’ Day (and everyday) to help survivors?

If you have 10 minutes: Veterans that experienced a sexual assault in the military should be respected and honored for their bravery and military service. Offer your thanks to a veteran.
If you have 30 minutes: Write to your representative demanding better protection for our servicemen and women from experiencing sexual violence.
If you have one hour: Sit down and talk with a survivor of military rape. Hear the stories from those who are often silenced yet served our country in bravery and pride.
If you have a day: Volunteer with the Military Rape Crisis Center or other veteran organizations to help survivors of military rape.

Thank you and Happy Veteran’s Day

Military Rape Crisis Center, Executive Director
Coast Guard veteran

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