IN OUR OWN VOICE: Women Veterans Tell Their Story

IN OUR OWN VOICE: Women Veterans Tell Their Story

This project is designed to honor the service of women veterans who have been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond. With women representing 15% of the military, it is our belief that the experience of women needs to be represented more fully in all forms of media. The project is produced by the Psychotherapy & Spirituality Institute, which is a not-for-profit counseling center in New York City.

For further information about PSI, visit The team includes mental health professionals, a playwright and several volunteers.

GOAL: to turn the stories of women veterans into monologues to be performed by actors for the public

METHOD: interview women veterans about their experience in the military, with special focus on the challenges of deployment during wartime and the issues faced when coming home

INVITATION: We invite women veterans who have recently served to contact us if they would like to participate in this project. The interviews are conducted by telephone at the convenience of the veteran.

Some important points about participation are:

• All of the people who are working on the Women Veterans Project are volunteers whose only purpose is to highlight the stories of women veterans and educate the public about the contributions these women make and the challenges that they face.

• Your privacy will be protected absolutely.If your story is used in the final product, you will be named and given credit if you wish. Or, should you want to remain anonymous, your name will never be used.

•If you have questions about the project and would like more information, contact Mary Ragan.

TO PARTICIPATE: Contact: Mary Ragan Psychotherapy & Spirituality Institute 212.285.1552

For more info go here:

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