US Naval War College Advocating RAPE?

Last week a professor at the US Naval War College, the Navy’s top educational institution, exhorted the entire student body (500+) including at least 50 women at this *mandatory* event, to rape women, hold “the bitch” down — “real men don’t take no for an answer.” Best part? This was at an Ethics conference!
NWC took no action for a week, so someone leaked the tape to YouTube — you can see it for yourself.
TITLE: US Naval War College Professor Advocates Rape

TEXT: On May 14, 2010, the US Naval War College in Newport, RI hosted an Ethics (!) Conference where one of the speakers, a senior member of the faculty, enthusiastically endorsed violence against women, including rape.

With the full student body in attendance at this mandatory event, Professor Karl Walling of the War College’s Strategy and Policy Department discussed:

“the pornography of violence” (0:07)

described teaching as “akin to seduction” (0:16)

“our fascination with all things sexual” (0:32)

“what does a leader do when the bitch won’t put out?” (1:51)

“if (she) will not cooperate, then make her do so” (2:04)

“real men, real leaders, do not take no for an answer” (2:09)

“when it is necessary, if one wants to hold her down, to beat her down; moreover she will like it” (2:13)

“will the bitch wait quietly for the revenge upon the bastard that raped her” (3:20)

13 replies on “US Naval War College Advocating RAPE?”

I reported a rape at USNWC and they asked me why I’ll want to “ruin an officer’s career”. There were three suicides by rape victims after they left USNWC (some involuntarily, some involuntarily) because of their rapes being ignored.

Please help shut down the Good Old Boys Club.

As a mid level military officer I could not report my assault at NWC because it’ll be considered career suicide. Please continue speaking out for those that can not.

NWC comment on FB: “The link posted discusses a video clip of a recent lecture that included degrading language about women which was inappropriate and entirely unacceptable. We view this as a serious matter and are taking appropriate action.”

If anything short of “firing” this professor then we know that they do not take it seriously especially since this already been known to them before you reported it and NWC did not care until you guys made it public. If they did not care the first time around why do you think they do now? oh yea cause the public is watching. They should have done something immediately.

This seems confusing and possibly misleading: he’s talking about Machiavelli. The Prince is considered by many to have been satirical but it does seem this prof may be taking him at face value instead and yes, he appears to be advocating an attitude toward woman that includes rape and violence, but even then the specific woman alluded to is Fortuna… See more or as the prof calls her Opportunity. It seems from this clip he’s trying to use Machiavelli and the metaphor of fortune as a woman to say that a leader seizes fortune, or at least that Machiavelli said that a leader seizes fortune. There may be qualifying remarks left out of the clip—perhaps he gets around to making ethical statements and clarifying that he’s talking figuratively and doesn’t condone violence against women. From 3:00 on he seems to be possibly setting up an argument against violence against women. Of course, who is the military to not condone violence? And of course we know the military has a horrific record of rape. The problem is, I fear the wrong lecture or too small a segment is being used to point the criticism. Military rape, all rape, must be stopped but surely there are stronger carriers of that message than the talk segment in this video which could possibly be excused as metaphorical, academic, and taken out of context.

I would first like to thank Libra for the insightful comments provided. Libra said many of the things I thought as I listened to the video. In addition to those comments, I would point out that there is a distinct possibility that by focusing on the distasteful segment of this professor’s lecture we are aiding in a military cover up. If we encourage/allow the NWC to lay the blame for their crimes onto this professor, without determining the full truth about the entire lecture, we may be providing the ammunition for NWC to say, “We tried to educate our future leaders about the prevalence of rape in the military and how to rectify this horrible situation, but they took the Professor’s comments out of context and twisted them, to make us look bad!”

I was at this lecture and it was a lot worse than what was posted on here. If anything this youtube video sugarcoats the actual rape culture at NWC. If you want real reporting about the rape problem at NWC talk to a rape survivor. Just a few weeks ago we had someone that was assaulted with a broom and they did nothing about it.

Thank you for sharing this with us. I do see Libra’s points…he is speaking of Machiavelli and Fortuna….but does that really matter here? Those who know a little bit about Machiavelli know that he believed that those who know better – should direct the actions and lives of those he deems to be ignorant. In other words, Marchiavelli believed in “big brother” to the extreme!

That being said, this is absolutely disgusting, and it is perfect evidence of the “rape culture” that exists in the military today. Not only is it covered up and the victims are further punished for reporting, it is really considered “acceptable behavior” in many ways. So long as men like this are able to stand up and talk openly about “what leaders do when the bitch won’t put out” even in a historical context – then we are going to continue to see more and more MST. I promise you – some people in that group did not relate to the Machiavelli concept and they will take it to heart in their life. These are the ones that will rape a fellow soldier – be that soldier male or female.

A personal note to “Rape Victim” and to “Anonymous.” I don’t know the status of your military careers or your discharges – but you are not alone. I hope that you have contacted your local VA Hospital and sought treatment…you don’t have to “prove” anything to receive help. All you have to do is contact the Women’s Health coordinator at your local VA and ask for help. You can receive psychological service at no charge and if you chose to file a claim – they CAN help you.


Joan –

Yes, it is an academic paper, but as a professional historian myself, I can attest that, often, the line between one’s own opinions and those of the authors one chooses to study is fine to nonexistent. He uses the term, “bitch,” with far too much gusto to believe he is merely reporting Machiavelli’s views. Besides, he’s a total cliche of a pudgy, slightly gross guy who probably can’t attract the gorgeous woman he thinks he deserves, so he harbors rape fantasies of his own.

We live in a Rape culture and the military is a socially constructed hyperbali of this culture. As a highly militorized police state the abuse including rape of women is on the rise.

Female Veterans are also raped in the V.A. sytem. I guess they think that is what we signed up for, so screw it, lets tear it down ladies.

Now our police force is being trained the same way.

The REAL MEN will stand beside the women and take deconstruct this rape culture by any means necessary.

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