Their friend that they set free-SGT MAJ Garry Tull

This is the man that despite forensic evidence and a confession the United States Army found “not guilty” of all charges including rape, sexual assault, fraternization and adultery. Rank still precedes over justice.

Sgt Major Garry Tull

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7 replies on “Their friend that they set free-SGT MAJ Garry Tull”

Any information on his “friends” that set him free? I am sure that they have their own skeletons in the closet because no one with any morals (or a mother, wife or daughter) could set free a man that clearly went against the UCMJ.

Unbelievable!!! He admitted to having intercourse with her and DNA was found how at the least this is not Fraternization and Adultery. Either he was married or he wasn’t. I find this very hard to believe.

I did 20 years in the Army and saw many people accused of sexual harrassment and rape, a friend of mine, E5, Hispanic, accused of rape said it was consensual, he got 8 years in Leavenworth. Many low ranking soldiers and NCO’s got harsh punishments if they were white or Hispanic, but very little happened when they were black. Is Jessie Jackson behind this?

Is it coincidence?

This is so sad. I am sorry to the victim(s). This shows how serious the Army take rape allegations. The woman has to live with this for the rest of her life, her career is ruined all cause of the good ‘old boy club.

Studies has shown that most rapists commit multiple acts of rapes and often continue till they get caught-and prosecuted. Most who are put in charge of a judicial punishment and let a rapist free despite undeniable evidence that a crime occurred usually do so more than once. I do not know the details about this case however I do know that the prosecution rate in the military is embarrassing low. Shame on those involved in this case and kudos to the alleged victim for coming forward. I am sorry you had to go through this.

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