West Point Cadet found GUILTY

By Meghan E. Murphy
Times Herald-Record

WEST POINT — A military court judge Thursday sentenced Cadet Kyle C. Newman to 3 1/2 years’ confinement, forfeiture of
pay and allowances and dismissal from the U.S. Army.
Judge Lt. Col. Andrew Glass had earlier found Newman guilty of one count each of rape and indecent conduct after a
three-day court-martial.
Newman was surrounded by his family as the judge deliberated his fate for about an hour. The 22-year-old cadet’s mother,
father and sister spent days listening to the trial in which the senior cadet was accused of rape.
Newman pleaded guilty Tuesday to three violations of a lawful general order, admitting he left post without permission,
fraternized with a freshman and was in his dorm room with a woman with the door closed.
During the trial two women testified to being raped by Newman during 2009. He was found not guilty on the rape charge
involving a freshman cadet.
The other woman, then an intern at the academy, recorded a phone conversation with Newman in which he apologized and
said he hadn’t meant to hurt her.
Before the sentencing, Newman’s mother asked the judge to allow her son a life. Her emotions were torn, because she
heard the victim’s testimony and she has a 20-year-old daughter. But the mother also wept for the destroyed dreams of her
“I also know my son’s not a bad person,” she said. “He’s a good man and a good son.”
Newman was an athlete who had been recruited by the academy as a talented swimmer.
He should have graduated last Saturday with the Class of 2010, but watched his classmates from the audience because of
the charges against him.
The defense counsel argued against confinement for the cadet, noting that Newman had an alcohol problem that had
worsened during his time at West Point.
The defense also offered a letter from by a female classmate who lauded Newman as a supportive friend and soldier.
The trial counsel prosecuting the case focused on Newman’s victim, asking no less than 15 years confinement. The
woman’s ambition is to help soldiers, but during the trial she said she feared cadets after her encounter. She is still pursuing
a doctorate.

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