Unfriendly Fire-Woman speaks about a Sexual Assault in the US Air Force

5 replies on “Unfriendly Fire-Woman speaks about a Sexual Assault in the US Air Force”

How did you get 100%? I told the VA about my whole ordeal and they offered me free counseling and denied everything else. I had letters written for me about my character before and after and they said because I did not file a police report, they couldn’t prove what happened to me. I feel just like you betrayed. I am proud of my service, but at the same time I am ashamed that I ever associated with people like that. And I actively try to tell any female who goes in not to do it! Sometimes they listen sometimes they don’t, but if I can save just one girl it is worth it to me. In the end, they don’t care about us. The culture of the military is one that sexualizes females and otherwise calls us weak. We are the forgotten victims the trash they discard because somehow it becomes all our fault. We get victimized twice b/c when you do say something, they call you a whore and active kick you while you’re down until you break and can’t get back up. Then they throw you out and tell you they don’t want you anymore b/c you’re a blemish on the military. Whatever. Here’s where I would be inclined to scream FU military.

I recommend speaking to Panayiota at to help you get your compensation. I was fighting the VA system for over 12 years and she made a few phone calls, told me what to write on my denial and they rated me at 100% within 8 months. Hang in there. It gets better.

Wow, I do relate to the emotion of being betrayed. I was raped by a supervisor and had a baby from the rape. The military did nothing but try and cover it up. I have suffered for 28 years now from it. I just recently recieved 50% rating for PTSD and 50% from the head injury from an attack before the rape. Even though that equals 100% the VA says it is only 80%.
I suffered from alcoholism and mulitiple abusive relationships. Lost custody of my children because of the depression.
The rapist is retired living happily ever after with his family. Air Force did absolutely nothing.

My now seventeen year old daughter has just informed me she is determined to join the Air Force when she turns eighteen. I’ve tried to talk to her about the dangers and hostile environment toward women, but she won’t listen. Any advice for a concerned mother?

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