Officer admitted to rape in the Colombian Army

An abuse scandal builds against the Colombian army’s 5th Brigade as General Alejandro Navas announces that a sub-lieutenant confessed to raping two girls in October.

Raul Muñoz Linares confessed to raping two girls in the municipality of Tame, in the Auraca department, on October 12 and 14, Navas told W Radio.

General Navas said that the prosecutor general issued an arrest warrant for “violent sexual intercourse” against Muñoz.

The officer “acknowledged that he had relations with these girls” and is now being held in detention in Tame, Navas explained.

The latest revelation follows news last week that a soldier from the 5th Brigade is suspected of sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl on October 2, close to the site where three minors were killed earlier this month.

In his statements Navas referred to the murder of the siblings, one of whom had been raped, and noted that the prosecutor general has not yet made any criminal charges in these cases.

The army commander announced Tuesday that seven military officers have been suspended over the murder of the three siblings, aged 14, 9, and 6 years, who were found with signs of torture four days after they disappeared on October 14 in a mass grave, 100 meters from where the soldiers are based. The officers are accused of failing to control the men under their command.

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