update on Massachusetts National Guard

by  Isabella and Panayiota

Last week we reported on the state of the Massachusetts National Guard Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office in which their SARC’s received an F. The Massachusetts National Guard is notorious in not meeting the needs of  sexual assault survivors often resulting in survivors having to be severely re victimized, in an extreme case a rape survivor was forced to re-deploy with her alleged rapist about the Mass National Guard lost her rape file and deny that it was even reported despite the survivor’s numerous emails from her first deployment showing that it was indeed reported.

After numerous attempts the Massachusetts National Guard continue to violate the Freedom of Information Act and refuse to provide to us the number of sexual assaults reported for fy 2009. According to Major Lisa Ahaesy, ” regulations prohibit us from providing statistical or personal information about Soldiers and Airmen who have made use of the SAPR program.” Actually Major, in 2006 the United States Congress mandated that all sexual assault statistics in the military must be made public.  Major Lisa Ahaesy going against the Freedom of Information Act by refusing to release statistics regarding the number of sexual assault cases in the Massachusetts National Guard. We don’t want details about the assaults, we just want a number of reported sexual assault cases for FY 2009.

Our records shows that 219 Massachusetts National Guardsman- 23 of them who are still members of the Mass National Guard has sought services through the Military Rape Crisis Center. From those still in only 04 felt confident in the Massachusetts Army National Guard to report their sexual assault. None of them reported having received any justice or saw their alleged rapist brought to trial. There is at least one survivor who is contemplating reporting her recent assault but been having difficulties contacting somebody in the National Guard who could help her.

Their 24-7 hotline at times still goes unanswered.  Even though the Massachusetts National Guard took our suggestion and corrected their contact information on the website there are still errors in at least one email that result in them being bounced back to us. The Massachusetts Army National Guard continues to ignore and/or not believe survivors who come forward to complain against former SARCs, 1st Lt Lori A. Alix and 2nd Lt Kelly Sullivan Souza

7 replies on “update on Massachusetts National Guard”

Thank you. Nobody that I am serving with believes me or cares about what happened to me. My allegations went no where. I am so grateful that you believe me and making some noise.

@J. They don’t understand. They think that they are doing well but ask any survivor and we’ll tell you the truth. They actually wanted one survivor to lie and say that the SARC provided good services to her as a PR stunt but she is not going to. Four survivors out 23 that reported a rape is not a good statistic. MANG needs help. They are clueless on how to help a sexual assault survivor. MRCC can you not do anything? please we need help.

Thanks Melissa. I tell everyone to get help from your guys and not the SARCs. They are useless. Can’t you offer them training or something? How difficult can it be for the SARCs do the right thing? So many women been raped and they deny that it is a problem.

anything you can do about There and Back again to be removed from their website or cause it is run by a Mass National Guard officer that they rather please them than do what is best for survivors?

I am a rape victim of the U S Navy. I was raped in 1994. It saddens me that this RAPE issue has gotten this bad. I survived a overdose of pills in 2006 due to the fact I never ever got the proper treatment of my rape in the military. I have had so many issues behind the rape. I am definitely going to file the class action suit because the military did not do their job in protecting me and my well being. I am just so deeply sadden that we as women have to suffer this kind of abuse and the military does not want to deal with these issues appropriately. I will be in deep prayer for all women that has suffered this abuse. God Bless All.

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