Rep Jackie Speier Condemns Sexual Assault in the Military in First of Series of Speeches

3 replies on “Rep Jackie Speier Condemns Sexual Assault in the Military in First of Series of Speeches”

Please help these poor women. This has been going on for ever. I’m a victim myself and my life has been ruined! I’m 51 years old. You could not tell any one. Later when I tried to report sexual harassment I’n the air force from a married man I was put out of the reserves because it was easier that way. My career was ended. 77-91. His career was more important than mine!

I was beaten/ raped/ impregnated due to the savage rape while serving in the Navy.. I lost my career! He of course continued…. I was forced to go off the mental ward where they sent me in the States to have an abortion.. I was told this would save my career! Huge lie! I am now 46 with severe chronic PTSD and several health issues due to the damage of the PTSD forso many years on my body……….. 35 suicide attempts —- here I am still breathing! I am in weekly intense MST PTSD therapy at my local VA….. I will never stop being an advocate for victims! Being raped in the military is much worse than the public knows.. First of all: you lose your career, not to mention all the other bad that goes with it

Just look at the security clearance policy. That is proof positive that the military is out to ruin the careers of the women who come forward and get help while letting the perpetrators continue their careers. What other reason could there be to force victims to report counseling for MST while letting others not report?

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