MaleSurvivor Weekend of Recovery Program

The Weekends of Recovery were begun in 2001 by MaleSurvivor as an additional service to our members to help them make further progress in their recovery. The weekends were designed to assist any adult survivor who was seeking further support in his recovery by being in the company of other male survivors. In addition, the weekends were designed to introduce additional tools men could use when they returned home to assist in making further headway in their recovery.

Registration now open for Sequoia 2012

Located in Ben Lomond CA

March 23 – 25, 2012 

Register Now

MaleSurvivor Weekends of Recovery are open to any man, 18 or older, who have been sexually victimized as a child and/or assaulted or raped as an adult..

Sequoia Retreat Center is the location of our first 2012 Level I Weekend of Recovery. Nestled amid 200 acres of majestic coastal redwoods, madrones and tan oaks, the Sequoia Retreat Center provides a beautiful setting in which each of you can take the risks necessary to make this weekend a significant one in your recovery. Sequoia, located in theSanta Cruz Mountains, is a privately owned retreat center, and the owners, Scot and Diane Myers-Lipton, want you to feel safe and comfortable and nurtured. Their philosophy is best reflected in this welcome: “Welcome to a place of reflection and dialogue. The Sequoia land has been held sacred since 1949 — it is a place where love has been experienced, where pain has been transcended, and where hope has been born. The Sequoia Retreat Center is a place where the deepest meaning of life may be explored in an atmosphere of quiet and beauty. Our hope is that your stay here enriches your life, and the life of our earth that is our place in the universe. May you add to the spirit of love that builds and nourishes this sacred place, and return to your daily life renewed. The history of Sequoia is a history of seasons, beauty, spirit, and truth. This can never be communicated by facts or descriptions; it must be experienced first-hand. We look forward to your visit.”

While at Sequoia, you will take part inCalifornia style meals with an emphasis on fresh, organic, and local foods. We’ll have single, double, and triple cabins available for lodging. All of the cabins have hardwood floors, have been modernized, and each has its own private bathroom. There will be space for up to 28 men on this weekend.  

Level I Weekends 

March 23-25  

   The Sequoia Retreat Center

   Ben Lohmond CA

May 18-20

   The Center for New Beginnings

   Dahlonega GA
June 15-17 

   Guest House Retreat and Conference Center  

   Chester CT

July 13-15

   Kempenfelt Conference Centre

   Barrie Ontario 

September 21-23

   Alta Lodge

   Alta UT

October 19-22

   Hope Springs Institute  

   Peebles OH


Advanced Level Weekend

“Building Intimacy” Open to any Level I Alumni and their partners.

August 17-19

   Alta Lodge  

   Alta UT


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