Senate approves MRCC endorsed bill to protect victims of sexual assaults in the military

WASHINGTON — The Senate approved legislation yesterday seeking greater protections for victims of sexual assault in the military.

epresentative Niki Tsongas from Massachusetts won House approval of similar legislation that would give victims of sexual assault in the military, mostly women, the right to legal counsel, confidentiality and transfer to another base. It would also expand programs to prevent sexual assaults within the military’s ranks.

The Senate version was authored by Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts and approved, 93-7, as part of a broader defense bill. The legislation would require the Pentagon to do a better job in addressing allegations of sexual assault, of which only 8 percent of cases lead to prosecution in the military, according to Kerry’s office.

“Sexual assault has no place in our society, and when its victims are Americans who put their lives on the line in defense of our country, it’s particularly appalling,” said Kerry, a veteran of the Vietnam War.

One reply on “Senate approves MRCC endorsed bill to protect victims of sexual assaults in the military”

The women are moved out of the area where they were assigned to another base or post. What happens to the perpetrator(s); why are they not moved to another site or dismissed from the service so they are not in a position to repeat their behavior?

What happens to the Commanders, Executive Officers, Company Commanders, Chaplains, Medical and Law (JAG) personnel who have tolerated the rape and other inappropriate behavior? WIll it relflect on their evaluation and affect retention and promotion like it has done to the victims who have been forced to leave?

The confidentiality promised will follow only one servicemember – the rape victim., Why is there no retrobution against the one or more who rape the individual? If rape has no place in our society, why does nothing change for he who continues to do it and get away with it.

Nothing is changed; it is the victim who still has to pay; not the perpetrator. The military is a small world; word gets around about events and what happened will still follow the victim. And, the victim will pay mentally and physically for the rest of her or his life.

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