Fox News contributer blames servicewomen for rape.

On February 12, Fox News contributor Liz Trotta said, on air, that women in the military should “expect” to be raped.

Just a few weeks ago, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta commented on a new Pentagon report on sexual abuse in the military. I think they’ve actually discovered the difference between men and women! And the sexual abuse report says that there’s been, since 2006, a 64% increase in violent sexual assaults. Now, what did they expect? Uh, these people are in close contact. The whole, uh, airing of this issue has never been done by Congress. It’s strictly been a question of, uh, pressure from the feminists. And the feminists have also— directed them, really, to spend a lot of money. They had a sexual counselors all over the place, victims advocates, sexual response coordinators….

Trotta apparently believes that the way to prevent rape in the military is to simply take all the women away rather than try to do something to help these women who are being “raped too much.” But has she considered that maybe something is wrong with the male culture of the military that the men can’t seem to stop raping? Nope!

Please sign the petition demanding Fox News fire Liz Trotta for these outrageous comments and issue an apology to all female military personnel.


5 replies on “Fox News contributer blames servicewomen for rape.”

Her resume notwithstanding, she’s an idot who knows not of what she speaks. She’s right on one thing. That is, that the military should protect the country. If our society had a better understanding of, and better socialization against sexual assaults, then the military would not have to spend money protecting it’s own. When will the right wing understand that the problem is not women in combat, but our social/cultural minimization of the causes and effects of sexual assaults. This is the kind of reporting one should expect from Fox. Fair and Balanced? I think not.

She said, ‘Well what do these people expect? These people are in close contact…’ What the hell is she saying? That men who are in close contact with women can’t be expected to not rape? Is that the standard for the military now? Not the ‘few and the proud’ but the ‘sexually deviant and predatory’? She has no idea the difference between normal human behavior and violent, sociopathic criminal behavior if that is what she is saying. ‘These people’ who she is talking about expect to be treated with dignity and respect, they are serving their country in the United States military. They DO NOT deserve to become victims of violent crimes by one of their own then shunned by the government once they report it. Oh, and YES the military is supposed to defend and protect us the military is also US. WE are the military and the military is us. Shameful.

This is amazingly terrible. That this media influencer puts out there that a woman or man serving in the military can ‘expect’ to be violated at will simply because they’re in close contact with other people… Her ‘opinion’ is possibly borne of total inexperience with various forms of society. Hopefully not, but possibly also of contempt for the ‘lower classes’ of the military itself. But that’s a tangent.

I was brought here via the CNN report of 14 April 2012. I’m glad to see the problem of our military’s handling of this area of issues addressed, and I hope that CNN can be called upon to revisit this issue in a month and possibly in a year, in order to keep momentum going on correcting a very flawed process in the culture. The men and women of our armed forces should not be ‘expected to be raped’ in the line of duty, and bringing the correct way of handling the reporting of such crimes will go a long way toward both reducing original crimes and resolving the pain when it still happens.

Would CNN be responsive to a follow-up request via, in order to see the momentum for change continue?

I can hardly belive that this woman still has any job after she has said these things! As a survivor of constant MST over my 4 years of service I take huge huge huge offense at this!!!! I was a 3rd generation sailor.. and when my Dad knew I was going in, he was so proud. He never dreampt of the things that would happen to me there. It never entered any of our minds that I shoudl ‘expect to be raped’ while serving my country. My best friend’s daughter is seriving… and we still.. don’t ‘expect’ for her to be raped. What does that say about us as a culture and a nation when we accept such hogwash and let it stand. NO MORE!!!

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