Some good news. Rape survivors now have the same access to Coast Guard Base Boston as everyone else.

We are pleased to announce that after over  a year of trying to get answers that finally we have some good news!

Veterans that are rape survivors, including those that have self disclosed that they have been raped or have been stationed at Coast Guard Base and therefore those on base today might now that they are a rape survivors  are allowed on Coast Guard Base Boston. Rape survivors have to  follow the same regulations and policies as every other 100% disabled veteran.

No longer are Veterans that are service connected for military sexual trauma should be in fear that they would be humiliated and further abuse if they attempt to utilize the commissary or other services that they might be entitled to. One must follow the same procedure as everyone else when entering the base including showing their privilege card.

If a rape survivor is on base for other reasons such as being invited on for a meeting they too must follow the same policy as everyone else. In the past a rape survivor might have been laughed at, further humiliated and abused if somebody recognized them as being a rape survivor. This is no longer going to happen.

So basically if you are raped you now have the same rights as everyone else when trying to access Coast Guard base Boston. There are no longer and special loopholes, obstacles and fear that rape survivors must face to get the same rights as everyone else.

Just remember that you still have to go through the same channels that others do to get access to the base which might include being escorted in, showing proper documentation (privilege card and/or government ID) and have a sponsor.

We were not able to find out why rape survivors in the past might have been barred or escorted out. It never should have happened in the first place.

Thank you to those that made this possible. This might seem small but it is a step in the right direction. Thank you Coast Guard.

If you do have any problems entering Coast Guard Base Boston or any other military installation because you have been raped please let us know.

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