U.S. Army

U.S. Soldiers, Accused of Rape in Italy, Hope to Go Free in America

ROME, Italy — Two American military men based near the northern Italian town of Vicenza have been charged with raping, beating and stealing from a 24-year-old pregnant Romanian woman.

The American paratroopers identified in the Italian press as Gray Lamarcus, 22, and Ides McCough, 21, were arrested on Thursday after the unnamed Romanian woman, who reportedly sometimes works as a prostitute, pressed formal charges against the men.

The incident allegedly took place on the night of July 14, when the military men arranged for a ménage à trois with the woman. But, according to police documents related to the case, when the three met in an agreed forest clearing, the Americans had other ideas. They refused to pay the Romanian woman, who is six months pregnant, and instead took turns forcefully raping and beating her. They then allegedly stole the money from her handbag. According to her lawyer, Alessandra Bocchi, the woman’s back was badly scratched from branches and her face and stomach were badly bruised from the beating. Her unborn child is not in imminent danger.

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